Oct 12, 2010

The question is, how would you address the likes of Rush Limbaugh if you were Barack Obama. Limbaugh was only lightly wounded the other day when the President replied to a reporter, in effect, "I'm too busy to think about him."

But that doesn't work. That's a milkshake for the blissfull fatty. With that the Excellencior of the EIB network can compare himself, can talk about how little golf he's played in the last three weeks, next to the president who, Rush says, plays every day. But what is true?

No, you have to come toward the problem and forget the notion that to notice is to elevate. Here's what you say....

"You want to know what I think about these right wing talk show hosts? Not all of them — some are just in for the shtick, but two I can think of. These are people who create nothing, build nothing, manage nothing, found nothing, spend all day working at nothing. Yet, they're paid huge sums of money to be obscene and disgraceful, to spread lies and encourage ignorance and fear. They're vultures who feed on hopelessness and anger. They bring nothing to the table but what is putrid and foul."

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