Sep 8, 2004

Dialogue With Stone

“What now, stone?”
Stone was silent.
“Let’s wait a minute before we do this again,” I said, because of course impossibility, no matter how grand, becomes not only tiring but also boring. And stressful. People often don’t realize that.
“Your choice,” stone replied.
“Not really, is it?”
Stone was silent. You bastard, I thought.
“You realize I didn’t choose this.” I said.
“Neither of us,” said stone.
“But I’ve always wanted to ask you, do you mind rolling down over and over?”
No reply.
“I mean, you lose a little each time, don’t you? I’d like to believe that anyway.”
Still implacable.
“You don’t get any lighter.”
And of course not even a smile.
“Can you imagine doing anything else? Have you ever thought of a life where you did absolutely nothing; you just lay there..."
“We all have our destinies.”
Oh god, not one of those I thought and I looked up the hill for what, the millionth time?