Mar 13, 2013

Sex is always such an interesting topic, but what's left to say.  What's left to know....  And then along comes Esther, sounding like she's with a cabaret audience...  The rest of her offerings, on her website for example, are not nearly so compelling, but this adds something.

Mar 9, 2013

The Rushbot insists that the majority of Americans agree with him.  It's always the majority that hates the president, longs for guns, fears healthcare, ridicules sequestration, bucks the debt ceiling, dismisses immigrants and gays.  "The majority of Americans feel this way," is always his mantra. "It's just the state-run media and low-information voters that don't know that."

I'm suggesting a moratorium on public opinion. (This included). A stoppage for two weeks of everything.

But also, what about a new show for reality TV. "Four Amigos". The Rushbot, Hannity, Savage and Levin. In diapers. Behind glass. In an infant ward. Four adult-sized cribs, each with mobiles and suckers. And then we can watch the amigos be with each other.  Of course, there's an app to hear them live. Or you can just watch. Any time of day. They don't have phones, micro or otherwise. They have only themselves to convince or destroy.

How would the conversation change. With something other than Obama to talk about what would they sound like?