Oct 22, 2010

The Power Hour With Mr. Slither

Whenever Mark Levin is on, I drop everything. "Dr. Levin is on," I shout out. He comes on right after Hannity and before Dr. Laura and then it's Coast to Coast. I fiddle with the dial on the old Philco, until he's coming in loud and clear. I like that part in the beginning of the show where the scary voice is talking about how he's our leader, coming to us from an underground bunker in a nondescript building somewhere in a large city. And that urgent, kinda metally rock music. I love that. When I hear that I really feel like we've been taken over by aliens or socialist types...

And I never miss a day, because you know, otherwise, he might think I was one of the miscreants or thugs threatening our way of life. My wife's the opposite. She calls him Mr. Slither, and she'll come runnin' from God knows where and she'll be all heated up and I'll say, let's open the radiator cap on that one.' And she'll say, how the hell you gonna listen to that maniac.

I tell her, I feel more educated when I hear Dr. Levin talking about the Constitution and his dog, Griffon, who is suffering from cancer and that's the real reason he can't come to any of the Tea Party rallies right now, not unless he can get there and back in the same day. Dr. Levin just wants you to know that while the president is a jackass, and a lot of people out there are morons, and all these repubicans and backbenchers, which I don't quite understand, but anyway Griffon is fine. You can bet on that.

Today, he was interviewing Tom Tancredo, who somebody said looked like Jimmy and Tammy Faye Baker in the same body, and Jon Stewart refers to as, “the man Mexicans tell their kids about to make them eat their vegetables". I don't believe they really say that but you never know. Congressman Tancredo wanted to impeach Obama and I sure support that.

But now what's real important is for us to join Americans for Prosperity, which has 1.5 million members and they're kind of bipartisan because they didn't like the out-of-control spending under Bush either. So I sent in my $20 and a picture of our house and our dog, Sparky. And right away my wife said we got an email from the head of Americans For Prosperity, somebody named Phillips and he asked if we could send in some more money.

Now some people say this Americans for Prosperity is run these two brothers named Koch, real rich guys somewhere in the midwest, along the Mississippi Rive, but it doesn't say on the website, so I think that's probably wrong.

The problem is they want $1,000 to be a Thomas Jefferson Member. They say that Thomas Jefferson said, "The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government."

I sure agree with that and I'm glad our $1,000 goes to train and mobilize 20 activists for our 'Sick of Spending and November is Coming' Project. I'm glad we have paid activists. I would be an activist if anybody ever asked, but they don't.

All I know is we just gotta get this country back on track. Those people in Washington never ask us what we need, just what they think we need. We know what we need and it's not what they need or what these zillionaires need....

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