Apr 30, 2007


Here was a recent post in an evangelical blog.

"I went to Spain to a port where ferries crossed the Mediterranean to Morocco. In the port we distributed the Jesus video produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, and the New Testament in French and Arabic. It was an awesome time of sharing God's Word with Muslims from North Africa." ---Madison1101 on 4/29/07

Prosletyzing of any kind is illegal in Morocco; those who convert are often punished. One man was sentenced to 15 years in the south, although that story may not have been exactly as it was told in local papers. In any case, the police are quick to punish, if only to show the Islamic hardliners that the government is an equal opportunity oppressor.

But such is the sensitivity of those Evangelical cats, the generals, who send kids off on these pilgramage adventures. It can be dangerous. Here it appears the Christian soldier did not cross over but merely stood on those docks at either Tarifa and Algeciras, they appear here and there in the terminal, like Mormons, standing around, dressed as well as possible, not in black coat and tie like the blues brothers, but neat and kempt, heart filled with pride for the heathen.

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