Apr 19, 2007


And so there is this mystery, this disappearance of honey bees. The most recent speculation is that radiation from cell phones and other gadgets leads to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which in turn causes the hive to be abandonned, as the Independent put it, "leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers, like so many apian Mary Celestes." And this interesting detail: parasites, other bees and beasts of the field won't come anywhere near the hive. Ordinarily, they would take the honey but now they stay away, as though the place were haunted by insect jins.

All of which suggests an analogy for time and place: The idea of becoming dizzy from something unexplainable, unbalanced by the slightest thing, you can't even describe it, a bad tummy, a twitch you hadn't had in years, well you're getting older, it's the pain of psoriasis and unusually dark thoughts, I'm thinking of Pliers Bittaker with those girls in his van, unmentionable things and of course Henry with his blue eyes the color or death in the near distance, talking about evil, Steinarian evil, which is the outdoor, drive-in evil, big name cosmic spirits, and being able to imagine any horror... and here you are flying around, unable to remember what needs to be remembered, address is the least of it, can't remember how you got started or even if you are alive at all, life suddenly seems dim and silly, what if there was a bomb blast and you didn't have time mark that, or else you are in the cockpit of one of those Avengers somewhere on a triangle east of Ft. Lauderdale, almost out of gas, sea and sky one and the same, and there is no one else around, you are completely alone, and now the idea becomes less appealing because there is the sense you are missing, but you're not sure, and from what or whom? Meanwhile, you fly on, looking down at places that have no meaning, faces without expression, and suddenly it occurs to you, it must be some form of dimentia, but no, it's not that, something else, and you fly on, aimlessly, more and more in that dreamlike place, skipping time and logic, occasionally believing you are safe in the contour of a swarm, but then suddenly no air speed, no engine, buzz goes dead, prop stopped, somewhere over the front, but where and who and what....

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