Mar 19, 2005

Rustica's Magdalene

Two broads on the wall.
— "Who's the stiff?" I asked.
— "Mags," said the 'tender.
— "She don't look so good."
— "She passed."
— "Still..."
— "Each to his own," he said
and chucked me another.
— "She looks used," I said.
Not like I remember."
— "Whataya expect? She was used."
— "Still.
Mic towled some tumblers.
— "Who was her last?
That's what I want to know."
Mic shook his head.
— "I like the angel better anyway,"
he said.
— "Classly lookin' broad,
good figure," I said.
— "She comes in here from to time.
After hours."
— "Yea?" I said. "I'll wait."

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