Mar 14, 2005

Dialogue With Stone

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"I had a dream".
Stone didn't reply. She was just happy to be pushed.
"In it I wrote a play, which was not well received by my agent."
So, said Stone. So.
"All I can remember from the dream was the line, 'You can't beat the 20th Century'."
You can't beat it for what, said Stone.
"That's it, I don't know."
Well, why think about it then?
"I'd like to know if there's some message there."
Maybe, you spent enough time beating up the past. Or beating around that bush.
We went on up in silence.
"Do you enjoy being pushed," I asked.
You always ask me that.
"Wouldn't you rather be immovable? After all, that's part of your nature."
But then where would you be?
"Back in Corinth".
Being devious and a trickster? No, you're better here.
And just at that moment we reached the top and I let her go even before I had to and watched her roll down until she was absolutely still.

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