Dec 29, 2013

This happened several days earlier, he said.  He was flying in a small, low-wing, monoplane up the Nile River.  On one side, the white cliffs of Dover, and set in the chalk were huge tablets, hundreds of feet tall, each filled with Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The tablets were endless; the cliffs stretched off to the horizon. At the bottom of each tablet was a translation. Like a caption. But they were difficult to read and he had to keep circling.  The messages were like, "I come from the underworld." But then there were also crazy ones like, "Hey, tell Vinny I want the ova-and-unda."
"Is that what tipped you off?" I asked. "That it was a dream."
He shook his head and went on with this story, which was that when he woke up he was wheezing like mad. He'd been ill for several days.
"You know how sometimes when you wheeze," he said, "you hear things in the rasping. Well, I heard someone crying for help. Yes, in this squeaky little voice but it was clear as a bell.  There was no distortion. Crystal clear! And every time I took a breath there it was the same word, and so for a while I thought, 'well, it's just some kind amazing anomaly', but then I heard, 'Help me.' It was saying help me, and that's when I realized I was into something weird and some part of the exoskeleton must have come loose or God knows what. At that point I just wanted to get back in my plane and continue my journey...  But I woke up my wife and asked if she could hear it.  She got

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Not sure if something is wrong with my end with "she got" ..... .??