Aug 19, 2011

Great americans are not doing well at the tennis courts over on Vicente and 24th Avenue.  A lot of bad blood lately.  Again, it's this devilish economy.  Just the other day two men got in a fight during the beginning of a doubles match over who should serve first.  They were supposed to be partners.

"Look, you always serve first," said one, a caucasian whose shorts were probably too short. "But today I'm going to serve first."

"No, I want to serve," said the Asian gentlemen, who wore a baseball cap and sweatpants.  He kept raising his racquet above his head, doing a stretching exercise and holding it with two hands like Charleton Heston used to do at NRA meetings.

"You're not," said the caucasian pointing at a spot near the net. "Now just go on."

The Asian gentleman didn't move.  "No, I want to serve," he said with a smile and in a friendly voice, although high and squeeky.

"How do I get this across to you?  You always, always serve first," said the caucasian. "Today, I'm going to serve first."

"But I still want to serve first," said the Asian who was absolutely unflappable and would not take no for an answer.

"I'm telling you that this time you're not.  It's okay. Today, you're not.  You just have to grin and bear it."

This went on for nearly 20 more minutes and by the end of it the light had fallen.  The two players on the other side of the net quit in disgust and went home.  The park ranger closed up the bathrooms.

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