Dec 9, 2009

This morning, on a crumb-filled table in a Pete's Coffee, in Burlingame, there was a Daily Post. The lead was, Parents Come Out Against Trick Play. The story was about a Pop Warner football team in Palo Alto that won a championship game by a strategy on a par with asset swaps. In this case the exchange was dishonorable play for a win.

Here's how the play works. From the sidelines the coach calls out to the quarterback that the ball needs to be changed. On a perfectly sunny day, no less. Now there's a moment of confusion. But since it's the coach calling who is to be respected by definition — and because a good coach, the likes of Vince Lombardi or Red Auerbach, demands honor above all — the boy comes toward his coach.

Remember that these kids are 11 or 12. And remember that this would demand some practice and indoctrination. Here's what happens....

Dishonorable play for a win... Some parents were outraged. But they were quickly dismissed, with these kinds of arguments...

"This program has been going on for 56 years. What's the problem? Nobody's ever said squat about anything we do here."

"Parents that object don't understand the game and their kids aren't any good anyway. This is a competitive league; they oughta just go play soccer."

"Do you know what Al Davis would say? He would say, 'win, baby, win.' So what's your problem?"

Dishonorable play for a win... But then this is one of those places where, roughly speaking, cleverness has no limits, moral imagination has no cache, and winning something even so minute as this is the only salve for success in the material world.

All I could think of was Coach Greg. Greg Isom who took the San Francisco Seahawks to any number of championships. You could say he's the Tony Dungy of Pop Warner in the Bay Area. It would break his heart to see such a thing, to think that kids would be taught how to win like that, to think a coach would humiliate a player like that.


Below that story, there was what sounded more like true-crime: "Stolen RWC limo becomes doctor's home." RWC is Redwood City.

The story was about a stretch limo that appeared to have been abandoned. Police were called, came to investigate and saw through the window a bag of groceries, a sleeping bag and a manuscript. An officer was able to read a name and telephone number on the ms. He took out his phone and called.

Suzanne Caadium answered and said she would come for her belongings. She arrived shortly and when asked how she got in and out of the limo explained that she had found the car, with the keys in it, on October 24th, the day that the limo had been stolen. It appeared stolen and she used it temporarily for shelter. It also came out that she was a Stanford grad.

Ms. Caadium was arrested. But then what happened and who is Suzanne Caadium?

It is Dr. Caadium and she's 32 according to her website, which includes a photo of a girl who looks younger than 32, with short brown almost curly hair, full lips, and a mischievous smile. She looks smart but not from Stanford. I think of Stanford women as blond with thighs from race horses, and always a little naive. Always a little gee-whizzed by life. This girl does not look naive. Sweet but not naive. Her blog begins with this autobiography...

I have a rich life story along with a strong education and a high creative drive, all of which allow me to provide consultation in a number of areas. Ultimately, I play the roles of healer, teacher, and philosopher in my work.

I call myself a consultant, from the Latin consultare meaning "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel. Otherwise known as a Professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise. I offer holistic advising and support in matters of political policy, medical education and other industries who seek the truth. By holistic, I mean that I use a broad perspective and a synthetic understanding of human nature in all of my work.

She lists her educational background....

Stanford University School of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine, June 2006

University of Nevada, Reno
Bachelor of Science, Dec. 1999
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts
Individual modules in massage therapy and communication
And then her professional positions....

Resident Physician, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science,
University of California, Davis, Sacramento, CA

And then there are awards and publications. But no indication of how she might have wound up in a stolen stretch limo in RWC, which is neither upscale or down, but a 'tweener of a suburb.

Dr. Caadium's website also includes a screenplay proposal. Here is part of it.

Screenplay Proposal: “2/5/8: my stint as World Leader Pretend”; 6500 word raw outline

A story about a revolutionary physician who took a militant stand against conventional medicine in order to explore more meaningful concepts around healing as a shaman. In the midst of her consciousness-raising, she becomes astrally attuned and links consciousness with a lot of people in high circuits. With her unique philosophic approach to human cooperation and conflict resolution, she becomes involved with political matters on a surprisingly high level for a young mother at 31. In 3 short weeks of psychically consulting everyone from Hillary, Obama and Ron Paul she gets linked with high officials in nations throughout the world.

Over a matter of days around February 5, the heroine makes a mad dash to save her children from an abusive step/father while running from renegage forces in the police and military who stand to lose power from the negotiations, while working through divinity training through her shamanism. The effects of exposing those waging the war as fundamentally opposed to world peace when it was completely worked out otherwise has been severe. What does the government do with a political rebel preaching logically about ecohappiness and getting the Resignation of George W. Bush. Subsequent weeks were spent fervently creating policy for a new world based on sustainable ecologically sound human coexistance while trying to escape persecution by a psychotic ex-husband, jealous ex-boyfriends, sadistic family member and crazy house mates.

more to come, perhaps. (For more information, I would contact the Daily Post newspaper, or the Redwood City Police.)


Jasper's Mom said...

So THIS is the physician who needs to heal herself! I always wondered about who was behind that adage. Great find, buried deep in obscurity. Looking forward to reading more.

Anjuli said...

A bit of a reminder to not be so 'out there' that we are not of any earthly good. All the training, talent, tools....and if they aren't used ...what value are they?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if you could possible post more about it, if you hear more...I'm the daughter of the woman in the article, and it'd be nice to hear more on the story if their is anything. I haven't been able to find much.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this article? This is about someone who has been my friend for a very long time. I would like to find more info or a contact. I cannot find this article anywhere online. I have not heard from her and she has not posted any new blogs since about this time.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person who left a comment on the 6th of January:

she got into some trouble with the law, and she has been out of the internet picture for awhile. seeing as you are/were a friend of hers, i wanted you to know that she was safe and taken care of.
sorry to be leaving this comment on your blog, but i thought that people should know.

Anonymous said...

I've known this woman personally for over a decade and she is a brilliant person. A true story of success. Had a child at 15 and managed put herself through Stanford. She is trained in pshycology/pshyciatry so you can imagine the devastation and internal dialogue and anguish when you realize you are schizophrenic. It's hard for those around her to admit the disease as well - though we must. She will not get better if we are blind to it.

Suzanne Cowley Caadium said...

I am the physician in question. To my daughter and friends: Thanks for the commentary. I am happy to speak about Schizophrenic/Psychotic disorders and the Consciousness Spectrum any time. I carry the 9/25/09 UCLA bracelet in my backpack, on my person.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne is a sad story. Incredibly bright.She is very sick, and I belive a danger to herself and others.She is so typical of young people who have had psychotic breaks.She works had to make sure she is the victim.Her children, family and the rest of us on the planet are the victims.She is not finished. Anonymous said...

Suzanne is a very sick young lady,She has done things I care not to speak of,Her Daughters are terrified of her and she has no sebce of reality,Such as she geat her own mother with her mothers cane and stole her laptop,Her phone and many other thing,She is dangerous to you and anyone who comes in contact with her,Beware.I am her X-Stepfather and we have a Restraining order against her for 5 more years.

Anonymous said...

She, Suzanne, has taken her own life. To whom it may concern.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Suzanne. I will forever miss you.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me to hear her daughters I am so sorry

Anonymous said...

love you sis..