Nov 4, 2009

"You want to know how I know I'm reaching menopause?" asked a friend the other day. She was angry as hell. "Now that my husband is ill I'm taking the trash out every week. I've noticed I'm the only woman who does that. And so then I yell at these men whenever I see them. "Make your wife do it. What kind of feminist are you? Don't you see you're just enabling. Is this what you're down to?" You know what I mean? It's just sick. What are women coming to, that's what I want to know."


Anjuli said...

The Menopause Monster- my friend from Namibia called me and frantically yelled in the phone, "They have not told us the entire truth about this menopause thing!! Let me tell you..." and she proceeded to tell me more than I ever wanted to know! :)

As for taking out the trash- I think I'll choose other battles to assert my feminist side.

Anonymous said...
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