Oct 7, 2008

Tonight, when John McCain says the likes of, 'Senator, the fact is we don't really know who you are, you're a mystery, all we know is that you've hung around with terrorists, felons and special interest groups.... "

If I were Barack Obama, I would reply...

"John, enough people in Michigan have decided they know me so that you've stopped running in that state. And enough people feel they know me in 'red' states across the country that your campaign is now trying to turn the public's attention away from the greatest economic calamity since the Great Depression and attack my character with the most scurrilous lies.

"The difference between us is this, John. We both believe in free markets, but I believe freedom comes with responsibility and this is one of those times in American history when we need to find our balance.

"You have a long history of favoring unregulated markets, not least when you tried to help your good friend, Charles Keating whose fraud lead to the collapse of 747 savings and loan institutions and cost taxpayers $3.4 billion. It was the most expensive bailout approved by congress in American history.

"Until now.

"And all along in the last 8 years you've endorsed the administration's position, that the 'fundamentals are strong', that the last thing we need is regulation. Even now you've surrounded yourself wth the very people who created this crisis. Your economic adviser, Phil Gramm, is still in the wings. The man who said this was not a crisis but a delusion. A whine....

"The difference between us is that you're running out the clock on an agenda whose time has past. A time when the interests of a few were put above the interests of many. A time in which a culture of greed was not only accepted but mindlessly, oddly encouraged.

"But now that's over and we begin again, in a new direction."

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DanogramUSA said...

Strange (read strained) history seems to pop up a lot among Obama supporters. You can find some familiar (and comforting) versions at my cousin's web site, to which you are already linked.

As for me, I am weary of spin and deeply appreciative of facts. For instance:

Perspective on Keating Five: John McCain and John Glenn were both embarrassed, but both essentially cleared of all but “poor judgment” in the end; most observers at the time felt the affair was better described as the “Keating Three, Plus Two For Political Balance”. Both McCain and Glenn recognized conflicts of interest arising early and immediately withdrew their support for Keating (for which Keating called McCain a wimp behind his back – so much for good friends). The ethics investigation revealed that Cranston, DeConcini, and Riegle were the real problems.

And 2.3 billion? Hardly a days work for the Fanny and Freddy teams. In Fanny Mae we have Franklin Raines, James Johnson, and Jamie Gorlick, rewarded with (estimated) $90 million, $21 million, and $26 million respectively. Opensecrets.org has factual information to help connect the dots between these Democrat personalities and the politicians who helped them bring about the greatest single financial disaster of our time. (Hint – Chris Dodd received over $600,000 in 9 years, Barak Obama received over $400,000 in just 3 years, as well as a number of others in congress – you could start with Barney Frank). To be sure, some of the dishonesty falls on both sides of the aisle. The greatest hypocrisy, however, weighs heavily to the left. Don't take my word for it, check the facts.

If you believe in socialism, your “new direction” will fit well and you can take satisfaction in that much. Regardless, I hope that you will continue to blog for many years in good health... I believe these conversations will be instructional to coming generations, particularly as they struggle to rediscover America's greatness.

If you have some private misgivings as you write, those little doubts about unintended consequences, please face them squarely; truth is ever more elusive when clouded by emotion, and life is ever more joyful with truth.