May 23, 2008

Billary's Slip

If you hadn't seen her naked all these months, in those yellow-fin, fat-lady pants suits, if you hadn't listened to her plastic weep, and watched her tongue hanging out and white-lathered with ambition, and working up her own manogyny, you'd assume it was just coincidence. And now with this latest drama, you'd assume that "Hill's" mention of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, in the context of how a campaign can change in June, was just another example of political lips shaped like a torn pocket. Not a Hush-Hush Sweet Charlotte mind.

And perhaps it was just coincidence. Or perhaps it's just that Ms. Billary is so entwined in the zeitgeist of American political history that she cannot help herself, she cannot not bring to mind those subterranean desires that reveal us all as Manchurian candidates, hair-triggered to respond to the slightest mention of violence. As though this whole society is one vast organic suicide bomber.

But what if it's something else? The most horrifying suggestion is that she understands on some very deep level that by throwing the association of Obama and RFK together she'll spook the electorate. "Mamma knows best, don't you go out with that man. He'll come to a bad end. Yes he will." And of course why would we want to go through that all over again. And we all know that Obama has received threats, we all know he's a target, we all know -- I've heard it myself and wrote about it just a few months ago -- how many in the black community would rather he not run at all than to endure just the thought of his coffin carried through the streets of Washington.

It's hard to imagine that Hillary doesn't get this. But then perhaps she has this double, this 'other' Hillary who peeks out from out of that gabardine-minded heart and keeps the attention coming. That's the thing you have to fear. Maybe we should just let her become president because otherwise, she'll keep having these temper tantrums, and these psychotic episodic outpourings that will get more and more perverse and loud. And dangerous.

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