May 25, 2007

Bad Behavior

And if you wonder why the growing fear and hostility in Europe toward immigrants from North Africa, and the notion that Southern Europe is slowly being overrun, and that one day the highest point in Paris will be a mosque, then you need only read articles like this one, about the May 24, 2007 decision to ban junior level Moroccan soccer teams from playing dutch teams, following an incident at a recent match between a Moroccan team and a Dutch team.... The ban is for FIVE years. Here's an excerpt.

"Several hundred Moroccan fans invaded the pitch twice forcing the referee to halt the match. The aggressive fans destroyed chairs and advertising hoardings. The ballboys were evacuated from the pitch as a precautionary measure. They also whistled while the Dutch national anthem was played... The storming of the field is usually done in a friendly, good-natured manner, but this was not the case at the Willem II stadium in Tilburg on Tuesday... Kesler said that Moroccan supporters must adapt their behavior. "It is customary everywhere that spectators keep off the field after a match. So Moroccans will also have to learn this." Association chairman Jeu Sprengers said he is satisfied with the measure imposed by the KNVB. "A wise decision. We must not tempt fate. The Moroccan community has given the Netherlands a lot of good players, but we must admit that it is difficult to channel the behavior of the supporters."

Notice the condescending way Moroccans are described. Still, this is the image they are acquiring, not to mention their presence in the dock in case after case charging terrorism. Strangely enough Morocco is emerging as a source of terrorists and trouble makers. But of course it's no wonder. The keg is blown. Al Quaeda could never find imitators if there was not so much ready made despair.

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