Jan 30, 2007

Rose away

And then out of nowhere Rose died. B's mother, at 86 — "86d" as we all joked later. After a long illness, after 10 children, after serving as a WAVE in WWII, after a long, clear life in a small Ohio town. And now all her children are feeling orphaned. Which suggests the broad experience of this generation. Time's run out. No more safety nets, not more tension on the other end to play yourself out again. The Summer of Love really is over and now what will happen to this generation, to all these people when they don't have parents to blame, to live off, to find solace with, to depend on. How will this generation finally come of age? Who will it be, in the on-deck circle. "You're up," you want to say now. "You're up to bat". And these are your last at bats by the way. You're up, what do you see out there?

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