May 2, 2006

Arabian Nights

B is tutoring the princess. Lala Naizir, 16, is not quite pretty, more ungainly, smart, a hard worker, and the grand daughter of Hassan II, who presided over 'the black years.' She goes to school in Casa and missed a month this winter because of depression. Her family came to the mountains for a week and thought perhaps she might get some remedial help from ASI. She is sincere, particularly when the subject of poverty in America came up. "I've heard that it exists," she said, "but I don't believe it." She may be only dimmly aware of poverty in this countr as well, as she rides in her limo, behind tinted glass marveling at all the red flags put on the road into Ifrane, every hundred yards a flag, and a police man at every intersection, and shock and awe among all that see her car.

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