Feb 27, 2005

Shutters on the fly

Mosque entrance at AUI
Originally uploaded by macnamband.

Shutters on the fly, in the wild blue wind,
Striking strange chords through hollow 'crete.
A score for the big uneasy, a ginsome hangover
It was that flippant Y-N oracle three days ago,
But we have a team on it: will there be an Easter?
Or is that it, the 13th month, actuarially speaking.
Not more than a year from June. Which is it,
Feeble mind? Girly-boy Berber without his sheep?
Such stupid things became you faith. Saw layers,
Signs, now messages from a garage boy’s mind?
What possessed you? Well then, you deserve it.
But of course, what to do with the habit,
Hope mind over doubt? But you don’t have it to override....
So now you’re stuck, hopped up on your wait,
Making out.... “Make it a double, please.”
Right old Bill? The G-man behind his desk,
Haunted by the early death of his only G-dad:
A right winger from Maine in the FBI.
But I'm thinkin', I just need that third book.
Then I'll go... 'c’mon, baby, just one time.'
and his was a good mind given to doubt.
In Water Street holes he revived, with 5 Vodka
Tonics and after 2, all neats, he could see light,
‘Though not tonight.... There it is again....
That flat pic will not make me dance.
Shutters on the fly, in the wild blue wind,
Tsunamis roaring down the flue.
Hey, put down that imagination, boy.
Get hold of yourself, ain't no bots in the rain.
Rest easy, girl, there’s more to come.

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