Oct 28, 2004

Dialogue With Stone

Can we stop here? I said to stone.
You're the one who has to push, the thing replied.
I know, but we're not on a schedule. The contract just says 'Eternity'.
I took a look around: to the west, bald hills once hairy with forests. To the east, flat headed mesas, and beyond that the Izz River valley.
Do you trust me? I said.
My destiny is to be pushed.
But what if I stopped, what if I just let destiny go?
I would be at rest.
Good for you then, if I stopped.
It's your judgment.
Push, that's all there is.
Thank you I read my Camus.
Get moving.
I like to think about it. You know, contemplate.
That's not your job.
Still, I like to do it.
Not your nature.
Our natures are linked then. I never thought of it that way.
Let others do that. You're not required.
I don't believe in requirements.
That's the problem.
It is the problem.
Anyway, you can do that next time.
Next eternity, you mean.
There's always more eternity.
But if I move you without thinking...
Moving is enough.
For you.
Why do you want to be something you're not?
I don't know what I am.
Point made.


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